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King And Country (DVD and Video)





Directed by Joseph Losey

It is rare indeed that a film has such an impact on audiences as 'King and Country', an absorbing film of the first world war adapted from the stage play HAMP by John Wilson.

In typical fashion, Joseph Losely exploits the unthinking arrogance of the officer class within the context of the horrors of the Western Front and the bewilderment of one of its victims. The way Losey and his prime actors, Bogarde and Courteney, break down that divide during the course of the trial for Court Martial, creates a masterpiece of filming and performance. One of Losey's finest films.

Private Hamp: Tom Courtenay (Venice Prize for best actor)
Captain Hargreaves: Dirk Bogarde
Captain O'Sullivan: Leo McKern
Captain Midgley: James Villiers

Production Credits:
Director: Joseph Losey
Producers: Joseph Losey & Norman Priggen
Screenplay: Evan Jones
Photography: Denys Coop
Editor: Reginald Mills
Music composed and played: Larry Adler

  • 1964
  • Black and white
  • 86 minutes

Based on the play Hamp by John Wilson

DVD Special Features

  • Scene by scene access
  • Cast and Director profiles
  • Theme background
  • Synopsis